Resuming Corporate Worship and Continued Home Worship Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic

This Fall we are holding two services @ 9am & 11am (exact same format) on Sunday morning in order to stay well below our building’s physical distancing limits. Our evening service will continue at 6pm.

Before joining us we ask that you let us know (, (1) you plan on attending our morning worship services, (2) if you would prefer to attend the 9:00 am service, the 11:00 am service or to indicate if you have no preference, and (3) the number of people that will attend.  Once we have all of this information, we will respond and confirm if there is room at the preferred service time you indicated in your email.

You will also need to read and commit to follow our ***social distancing guidelines (click here)*** put together by our leadership in cooperation with the recommendations provided by the Ontario government and other health and safety resources.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our worship services will be recorded and aim to be uploaded Sundays by 12pm on YouTube for families who choose to remain at home throughout the duration of the pandemic. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here

Resources for Lord’s Day Worship at Home

Pastor Scott is providing resources to help those who choose to stay home to worship together in your homes every Sunday during the coronavirus Pandemic season.
Until such time as you are prepared to meet together again with us on Sunday, please check back on this resource as it will be continually updated with new information, announcements and resources for us as we seek to help you faithfully worship our Lord as the Body of Christ while still visibly manifesting some expression of the unity of the Spirit who continues to faithfully lead us all.

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Une famille de foi qui partageant l’Évangile de Jésus en paroles et en paroles en tant que personnes


Join us this Sunday @ 11am or 6pm!