Pastor Scott Sadlier

It is with gratitude to God for His guidance that our church made a unanimous vote at a congregational meeting to call Scott Sadlier to be our new pastor. We received word from him that after much prayer and guidance, he accepts the call to be our pastor!

The Pastoral Search committee can testify along with Pastor Scott (Feels so good to say that!!) to God’s hand being in this process and we all join with them in the joy, peace and confidence that He will continue to be faithful to our church and our community to reach the lost and bring them to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Please pray in your personal prayers, and in the community groups, for:
1.  Pastor Scott and his wife to sell their home in Clairsholm AB
2.  For them to find a suitable place to live here in Vankleek Hill
3.  For the logistics to move house, find doctors, find dentists, sort out licenses and IDs, etc.
4.  For Rosie, as she is expecting their fifth child – for good health and for the stress of moving to be met with grace from the people there and from us
5.  For us to be ready to receive them, ingrain them into our church family, and to be ready to work alongside Pastor Scott to share the gospel
6.  For health for their entire family as they move and make the transition (They are Scott, Rosie, and four girls: Jaelyn, Anna, Eve and Sara, plus one on the way)
7.  For the church they leave behind – they are well loved there and will leave a gap no doubt – but God’s work continues on, even so
8.  For the church finances so that we are all aware of the joy in giving of our first fruits through tithing, and the blessing of responsibility we all share in supporting the church, which includes supporting the pastor
9.  For Pastor Scott to be at peace as he readies himself for the diligent work of teaching and shepherding his people in this community and being a witness to God’s love.
Much to pray for, but we are a praying people and I know God listens to the earnest and spirit centered prayers from His people.  As we gather more information and more details are sorted out, and for whenever we will need your help, be sure that we will let you know.  Thank you so much in advance for all you will do to welcome the Sadlier family to our midst.

Pastor Scott, his wife Rosie, and daughters Jaelyn, Anna, Sara and Eve, plus 1