Pastoral Search Committee – Updates

As was voted upon at the congregational meeting of June 18, 2018, a pastoral search committee was formed and is comprised of Elders Frank Brodie and Robert Jalbert, Deacons David Shuh and Will Monterroza, and members Jean Brodie and Karen Monterroza.

The posting for the position is up on the CBOQ website as well as a couple other job boards where pastoral ministry positions that line up with our church values are posted.  The committee has already taken in some resumes and are encouraged by the response.

However, this process does involve YOU!   The committee asks for much prayer in this process, as much as it will be in prayer, to discern the will of God in this process to the right man he has set apart for us.  He has such wonderful blessings to pour on us through His servant chosen already for us.  All we need to do is stay faithful, pray and seek for His guidance as the names of candidates come in.

We are collecting resumes in July and will reconvene in August to begin to review candidates together.  Until then, we cannot say it enough – please pray.  If you have any questions, please speak to someone from the committee or email at  Of course we will answer as much as we can while respecting privacy and confidentiality.

Return to this site for further updates as we progress along.


Pastoral Search Committee