June 7 Worship

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June 7 Worship

  • Join us Sunday nights on Zoom @ 6:00PM (click here) for a time of online fellowship and prayer.
  • If anyone would like a copy of TableTalk or the daily bread please let me (Scott) know and I will bring you a copy
  • New City Catechism (click here) – This coming week we are on Question & Answer 24.
  • Tithes & OfferingsTo contribute financially to our church’s ministry you can do so online at our website (click here) or you may send a cheque, in your church offering envelope, enclosed in a regular envelope to the Shuh’s home address. 


In addition to previous instructions provided on our website (here):

1. Read Scripture & Pray – Psalm 119:105-112
2. Sing  –  “Lord I Need You” 

Click here for June 7-vkhbc YouTube playlist

3. Read more Scripture together – Isaiah 55:6-13

4. Pray together

5. Sing – “Ancient Words”
6. Listen to the sermon together @ 11am on our YouTube channel “Vankleek Hill Baptist Church.” 
Sermon questions for kids:  

1. How do we know what is good or righteous?
2. Is the Old Testament still important to us today as followers of Jesus?
3. What “law” did Jesus criticize that upset the Scribes and Pharisees?

7. Sing a closing song – “Great is thy Faithfulness” 

May the Spirit of God lead each of us together as one, according to the eternal Word of Christ, to the glory of God the Father!  


Yours in Christ,


Pastor Scott