June 14 Worship & *Gathering Update*

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June 14 Worship & *Gathering Update*

I’m sure by now all of you have heard the news of Ontario’s places of worship being included in the loosening of gathering restrictions to 30% capacity this weekend!
Since the announcement on Monday there has been confusion regarding what “guidelines” would be included. The statement says  “To support places of worship to reopen across the province and help to ensure the safety of worshippers, the government will make available guidance, including limiting attendance to 30 per cent of building capacity and practicing physical distancing. Guidance will also be provided for spiritual leaders and their staff.” (see the whole “stage 2” document here). Many churches interpreted the inclusion of the guidance of 30% capacity and physical distancing as merely some of the examples of the guidance to come, not THE available guidance. Well it turns out that was indeed the only included guidance given to places of worship.  The guidance provided for spiritual leaders and their staff (click here) refers primarily to protocol for staff members of churches (especially with multiple staff) working throughout the week, but there are some suggestions that apply to our building in general that we will need to put in place before gathering for worship on Sundays.
I say all of that to explain that our leadership hasn’t confidently known what the recommended guidelines to places of worship would be until today. And because the leadership bears a sense of responsibility for all who attend one of our corporate worship services we have decided to delay gathering corporately for worship until we are satisfied that we have reasonably done the best we can to understand what is recommended, and to plan, and to communicate those plans with all of you before gathering together. Lord willing, we will be prepared to gather with those who desire by Sunday June 21 at the earliest or June 28 at the latest.
I want to be clear that following recommended protocol will not eliminate the risk of catching the virus. The Christian should not be surprised to hear although we have inherited eternal life in Christ Jesus, our souls have not yet been clothed with immortality! Even with all the health and safety protocol in place and effectively practiced, these things merely limit the risk of spreading the virus. The best we can do as individuals is learn and apply what we can to weigh the risks and do the best we can to LIMIT the unnecessary risks as stewards of God-given life on this earth, while at the same time fundamentally rooting our total confidence and assurance in our sovereign and eternal God and Father who cares for us. Therefore everyone from the least to the most vulnerable needs to prayerfully consider these things in order to make a well informed godly decision for themselves and their own family. Also do not let the 30% limit influence your decision, it is my joy and privilege to minister God’s Word in the fellowship of his people and am more than willing to lead the same service multiple times throughout the day if needed and given the opportunity.
Perhaps the best way to determine this decision is not to centre our attention on ourselves but upon God. To ask ourselves in light of these varying factors, will God be more or less honoured by your contribution and participation in corporate worship? I hope to make it clear that one’s circumstances and spiritual maturity will result in varying responses to that question, and that’s ok, and we need to be careful as a church to “outdo” one another in love and grace in this coming season as this is a complicated issue and we need to seek to build each and every one up in the Body of Christ in the coming year whether a family chooses to attend or not.
If you personally deem it unwise or you simply are not prepared physically or spiritually to bear the responsibility and consequences of contracting and spreading the virus then I strongly recommend you worship in your homes for the time being. I plan to continue to offer the same resources below in order to help you to continue to worship in your homes until you and your family are ready based on your own physical circumstances and spiritual convictions to join us physically on Sunday mornings.
  • Join us Sunday night on Zoom @ 6:00PM (click here) for a time of online fellowship and prayer.
  • If anyone would like a copy of TableTalk or the daily bread please let me (Scott) know and I will bring you a copy
  • Tithes & OfferingsTo contribute financially to our church’s ministry you can do so online at our website (click here) or you may send a cheque, in your church offering envelope, enclosed in a regular envelope to the Shuh’s home address.


In addition to previous instructions provided on our website (here):


1. Read Scripture & Pray – Psalm 119:17-24
2. Sing –  “Oh, How Good It Is” & “Jesus Messiah” 
*”Oh, How Good It Is” is a bit of a teaser until we gather together, but I have been planning to share it with you so that you can learn it and be able to sing it when we can all get together! Listen to it throughout the coming weeks if you are able to help you learn it!
3. Read more Scripture together – Galatians 3:15-29
4. Pray together
5. Sing – “Jesus Paid it All”
6. Listen to the sermon together @ 11am on our YouTube channel “Vankleek Hill Baptist Church.” 
Sermon questions for kids:  

1. Does Jesus fulfilling the Old Testament commands mean that they are no longer applicable to us today?
2. List some of the ways that Jesus fulfills the Old Testament Scriptures.
3. What is the most significant aspect of Jesus’ fulfilment of the Holy Scriptures?


7. Sing a closing song – “All the Way My Savior Leads Me” *(led by Rosie and I following the sermon on YouTube)  

May the Spirit of God lead each of us together as one, according to the eternal Word of Christ, to the glory of God the Father!  


Yours in Christ,


Pastor Scott