June 28 Worship & Gathering Update

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June 28 Worship & Gathering Update

Before you decide to join us for corporate worship in the coming weeks please please read the letter from the VKHBC leadership regarding our plans for gathering again beginning June 28th and make sure to confirm your intention to attend with David Shuh (david.shuh085@sympatico.ca) by the Thursday of that week. There is also a document with the guidelines to be read by you and one more document to be filled out by you and then provided to the ushers upon attending one of our worship services. 
  • ***Note we will stream the whole service live beginning at 11AM, but the quality of music may not be helpful for your worship in song at home and the lyrics also cannot be displayed without a license and someone more technologically advanced than myself who could make that happen. If you'd like to try to follow along from home you could view or print off the lyrics included in the weekly email (or use your own hymnal at home if you have one). Otherwise the YouTube playlist is still available below for you to continue as you have the past few months and then you could simply join us online for the live SERMON which will take place a little later in the service closer to 11:20AM
  • Join us Sunday night on Zoom @ 6:00PM (click here) for a time of online fellowship and prayer 
  • Tithes & OfferingsTo contribute financially to our church’s ministry you can do so online at our website (click here) or you may send a cheque, in your church offering envelope, enclosed in a regular envelope to the Shuh’s home address. 


In addition to previous instructions provided on our website (here):

1. Read Scripture & Pray – Ephesians 5:15-21
2. Sing  –  “Praise to the Lord the Almighty”
3. Read more Scripture together – Psalm 119:1-8
4. Pray together
5. Sing – “O How Good it Is” (to learn and prepare for future gathering and reunion) 
6. Listen to the sermon together PROBABLY CLOSER TO 11:20am  as the service beginning at 11am will be streamed LIVE our YouTube channel “Vankleek Hill Baptist Church.” 
Sermon questions for kids:  

1. If you believe in Jesus, what does he say you should do with the Law of God?
2. Does our obedience to the Laws of God help us get into heaven? Does it affect our reward in heaven?
3. What do we need to do that is different from the Scribes and Pharisees to enter heaven?

7. Sing a closing song – “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”

May the Spirit of God lead each of us together as one, according to the eternal Word of Christ, to the glory of God the Father!  

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Scott