July 26 Worship

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July 26 Worship

Good Morning VKHBC!
We are going to try holding our two worship services at 9AM & 11AM moving forward. Our evening service will continue in the format it has been in previous weeks outside (weather permitting) @ 6pm behind the manse (30 Bertha St.) 
Your patience and willingness to serve one another through flexibility will be appreciated as we work through and figure out what works best and as more people join us in the future! Please remember to RSVP by the Thursday of each week that you plan to attend.
  • *As we progress with the current format of recording and uploading the service afterwards online, I expect in the coming weeks that the recording of the worship service will be available on our YouTube channel by about 2pm if everything runs smoothly. 
  • The recording of Herb Harms' funeral service will be on our YouTube channel @ 11am today. Please continue to pray for the Harms and consider how you can be an encouragement to Grace with a card or a phone call in the coming season.
  • David G., Heidi Z., and Abigail S. will be getting baptized this summer! 
  • New City Catechism (click here) – This coming week we are on Question & Answer 31.    

In addition to previous instructions provided on our website (here):

1. Read Scripture & Pray – Psalm 24:3-10
2. Sing  –  “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name”  Click here for July 26-vkhbc YouTube playlist 
3. Read more Scripture together – Genesis 39:6-23

4. Pray together 

5. Sing – “All Creatures of Our God and King”   

6. Listen to the sermon together on Matthew 5:27-30 on our YouTube channel “Vankleek Hill Baptist Church.” available by 2pm

Sermon Questions for Kids (I want to encourage parents to not shy away from this one, but take ownership to change and shape these questions according to the maturity of your kids and then walk through the answers with them afterwards):  

1. What is adultery according to the world?
2. What is adultery according to Jesus? 
3. What does Jesus instruct someone to do if they struggle with this sin? How should we apply that to ourselves?

7. Sing a closing song – “All I Have Is Christ”

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Scott