August 2 Worship

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August 2 Worship

  • There is NO evening service tomorrow as it is a long weekend
  • *see my note about potentially discontinuing the weekly worship song playlists in the highlighted section below*
  • Tithes & OfferingsTo contribute financially to our church’s ministry you can do so online at our website (click here) or you may send a cheque, in your church offering envelope, enclosed in a regular envelope to the Shuh’s home address.     

In addition to previous instructions provided on our website (here):

1. Read Scripture & Pray – Malachi 2:11-16
2. Sing  –  “Forever”  Click here for Aug 2-vkhbc YouTube playlist 
  • *I've noticed the worship music playlist views have been progressively decreasing down to two viewers last week. If these remain a significant help to you PLEASE LET ME KNOW and I will continue to put them together. OTHERWISE I will just direct everyone to the general master list I have been making and will continue to add to as a helpful tool for our church to use Sunday mornings or simply to enjoy throughout the week and become more familiar with the songs we are singing together Sunday mornings. Here is the master playlist that will remain on our channel: VKHBC Worship Song List (click here to view on YouTube)
3. Read more Scripture together – Ephesians 5:25-33

4. Pray together 

5. Sing – “How Marvelous (I Stan Amazed)”   

6. Listen to the sermon together on Matthew 5:31-32 on our YouTube channel “Vankleek Hill Baptist Church.” available by 2pm

Sermon Questions for Kids:  

1. What does Jesus say is the result of divorce?
2. Is there a circumstance where God has instructed someone in His Word to get a divorce? 
3. While the earthly consequences of divorce (or any sin) cannot be erased, will God forgive someone who has had a divorce? Why?

7. Sing a closing song – “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Scott