December 13 Announcements

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December 13 Announcements

Good Evening VKHBC!
  • Food DriveThis weekend (December 13th) will be your last chance to participate in the food drive organized by our missions committee for the 3 local food banks. You can bring non-perishable food, cloth, and cash designated “food drive.” 
  • The First Service is going to be moved to 9:30am beginning next Sunday December 20th!
  • SUNDAY EVENING SERVICE: Join us for our Evening Service @ 6pm 
  • NEW CITY CATECHISM (click here) – This coming week we are on Question & Answer 51.
  • TITHES & OFFERINGSTo contribute financially to our church’s ministry you can do so online at our website (click here) or you may send a cheque, in your church offering envelope, enclosed in a regular envelope to the Shuh’s home address.    
    • VKH Community Group on Tuesday @ 6:30pm
    • Hawkesbury Community Group *on Zoom* on Friday @ 7pm
    • Wednesday morning bible study @ 10am
  • COVID SCREENING/TRACKING: For all gatherings associated with the churchplease remember to fill out your COVID screening form before (here) arriving to help facilitate a smoother entry. If you don't have a printer you can pick up some copies from the church to take home.
  • RETURNING TO Sunday morning gatherings: When you plan to return to gathering in person (FOR THE FIRST TIME) please remember to contact us and let us know if you would prefer to attend the 9:30 am service, or the 11:00 am service and the number of people that will attend, and we will confirm your RSVP. Also please review our social distancing guidelines (here) if you haven't already or need a reminder.  

    Worship services are being recorded and we aim to make it available by 12pm on our YouTube channel “Vankleek Hill Baptist Church.”  

    Sermon: 'The Christian & Civil Authority' (Romans 13:1-7; Acts 5:27-32; Et al.)
    Sermon Questions for Families:  

    1. What is the “general rule” the Christian is called by God to follow?

    2. What is the one “exception to the rule” the Christian may be called upon by God to follow?

    3. What is the “ultimate rule” we are always called by God to follow? 

    Yours in Christ,

    Pastor Scott