At Vankleek Hill Baptist Church, we desire to be a worshiping community that shares the gospel of Jesus in word and deed to all those in Vankleek Hill and in our surrounding communities. It is the gospel that unites us and gives us fellowship with God and with one another. The good news of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection on behalf of sinners is our constant hope and comfort, and we believe it is the One hope to which we all must cling for life and joy. We are humbled by the fact that we get to participate in Jesus’ mission in the world, to make disciples and carry his gospel to the ends of the earth. We invite you to join us in this work. As Christ has welcomed us, so we welcome you to experience God’s grace in the fellowship of his people. Come see what He is doing in our midst.

Statement of Faith

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Pastor Scott Sadlier

Scott grew up in Norwood, ON where the Lord saved him in high school and shortly after he began to sense God’s call to ministry. So Scott moved west to pursue biblical studies at Rocky Mountain College in Calgary. He graduated in 2014 while serving as an Intern and then Associate Pastor at Faith Community Baptist Church in Claresholm, AB (2012-16). He met his wife Rosie at bible college and they have been blessed with five daughters.
Scott’s approach to ministry continues to be refined by a deepening understanding and conviction in the infallible authority and sufficiency of the Scriptures (cf. 2 Tim 3:16-17). He considers it a privilege to shepherd and minister with brothers and sisters who seek to treasure Jesus above all else, who share in the joy in the Spirit of proclaiming the forgiveness of sins and eternal life
graciously offered to undeserving sinners through faith in Christ, to the glory of God the Father.


Scott Sadlier – Pastor
Frank Brodie

David Shuh
Shane Schwendemann

Music Director:

Missions Coordinator:
Leola Meagher

Sunday School Coordinator:

Junior Church & Nursery Coordinator:
Ruth Bowter

Youth Group:

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We firmly believe that all believers in Christ should be grafted into a local family of faith. Anyone who has professed Jesus Christ as Lord, been baptized, and is living a life marked by the fruit of faith and repentance can become a member of Vankleek Hill Baptist Church.

Membership at VKHBC is viewed in terms of a covenant. Those who covenant to become members of the church commit to being held accountable by fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and serving under the leadership of the elders/pastors. Covenant members commit to living out the gospel in community with fellow members, attend regularly, give faithfully, and participate in the life of the church.

Membership information and classes will be offered and announced annually in the Fall.