As we enter the 3-Step reopening plan in our province, we praise God for the path towards meeting face to face and worshipping together once again. Please stay tuned for how we will be meeting outdoors at first (weather permitting) and what that will look like.

We will be meeting on Sunday, June 13 for an outdoor service. Our service will be at the Manse. Please email info@vkhbc.com for directions. You will need to fill out a COVID tracing page before entering the service. We are also asking all patrons to please show up with a mask. Masks can be removed upon maintaining a 2-m distance from others.

Zoom meetings will still happen. Zoom meeting will be at 11:15 am on that Sunday.

We also praise God that the truth of His word and the Gospel is not bound by a pandemic, or whatever the enemy thinks he can throw at us. His word and truth will prevail. We continue to uphold each other and worship together virtually through the Zoom platform. A typical call may look like this:

  • Before Sunday you will be provided a sermon video link to watch at your own convenience
  • On Sunday we will connect over Zoom and have a small time of saying hello and socializing.
  • We begin with prayer and worship (song played over the Zoom call, everyone mutes their mic)
  • We read scripture and go into breakout rooms, led by elders and deacons, to discuss the message and study God’s word together
  • We return to the group, and have a time of prayer for one another’s needs
  • Socializing and dismissal

Of course we wait on God’s timing to allow us to meet face to face once again but we also thank God for the ability to stay connected all the same.

To be in attendance through Zoom, please contact us for the link to get connected at info@vkhbc.com.

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